Software as a service

This site was developed on the Pantheon web development hosting platform.

Pantheon is software-as-a-service provision built on top of Rackspace's cloud, catering for both Drupal and Wordpress open-source content management systems.

The service includes workflow tools to build, launch and run websites, automating server configuration, environments, version control, so that as a developer, I can concentrate on delivering functionality for clients.


The Pantheon workflow includes Dev, Test and Live instances of the site, connected by GIT version control. In the screen shot of the dashboard above, a Drupal core update is available, which can be committed to the Dev environment. The change can then be pushed to the other instances of the site - to Test for quality assurance and released to Live when signed off. 

SaaS migration projects I've managed

The Acquia workflow supported our requirements for management and deployment of code, files and databases across the Development, Stage and Production environments.

Acquia logo, environment are copyright - Acquia Inc. 

Migration from AWS to Acquia

In early 2014, as a Product Owner, I managed the migration of a corporate website from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Acquia, taking an Agile software development approach.

Acquia is a software-as-a-service company, providing enterprise products, services, and technical support for Drupal sites.

The project included a major version upgrade of the site from Drupal 6 to 7, with functional requirements delivered using over 200 core and contributed modules. The upgrade also delivered a fresh, responsive, mobile-first design, building on UX enhancements for the the organisation's customers.

I worked closely with Xequals, who were contracted to provide development services for the migration, to ensure that the environment was used to best advantage - deploying code through the workflow environments, and going live with the upgraded site with confidence.