Uhlenberg Haulage Limited

Drupal 8 site, a migration from previous Drupal 6 instance

Slideshows are a feature of the site, located prominently in the header of every page.

The design was reworked and reinterpreted with Bootstrap 3, with Bootswatch Sandstone providing an excellent start point for theme development. The distinctive apple green colour, a feature of the haulage company's fleet livery, was brought into header, button and text elements.

Bootswatch Sandstone was an excellent startpoint

Another feature is an extensive application form, with an array of fieldsets, file uploads, radio and checkbox options, which were themed with nested Bootstrap panels.

A further slideshow illustrates the history of Uhlenberg Haulage, with thumbnail navigation through the collection of images.

Web development services provided to Moxwai Limited.