Metro Fires

A clean, uncluttered layout was delivered, using Bootstrap navbar components, and a 12-column grid.

Re-design of a Drupal 7 site with Bootstrap 3

A collection of static PSD design files provided the start point for this project - to redesign and retheme the Metro Fires website.

Site content and assets were assembled into appropriate grid frameworks, picking up on default Bootstrap break points - forming the layout rules for the site. A mobile-first responsive design interpretation of the layout was worked up in collaboration with the designer.

A mobile-first, responsive design

Bootstrap components such as navbar, typography, buttons and containers were used and extended to match the required design. These component rules were applied to Drupal objects including custom blocks, view blocks, field slideshows, panels, fields and node content.

Collapsible display of retailers using accordion panels.

Mobile view of manuals page, occupying all 12 columns.

Web development services provided to Moxwai Limited.