Drupal web development

Drupal is a popular and widely used open-source content management system. Drupal has been used to create and manage websites of almost every category, including government agencies, educational institutions, music, retail, banking, real estate, international news media through to personal blog sites.

I have worked with a myriad of Drupal 6, 7 and 8 websites, from one-page brochure sites to large, complex ecommerce sites with multiple integration points. Other web platforms too - including Silverstripe, Wordpress, OsCommerce, HTML5 and CSS3.


This site was built with Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 was released in September 2016 and is maturing rapidly, to the point that fairly complex website requirements can be met with core and contributed modules, usually with no need for custom code.

This site has been built with Drupal 8, and a relatively small number of contributed modules such as paragraphs, pathauto, token, ctools and google_analytics.

Bootstrap 3 for Drupal

...and themed with Bootstrap 3.

Bootstrap works just great with Drupal 8 to achieve mobile-first responsive layouts.

Parallax effects, accordions, masonry galleries are all possible with a minimum of fuss.


Metro Fires

A clean, uncluttered layout was delivered, using Bootstrap navbar components, and a 12-column grid.

Re-design of a Drupal 7 site with Bootstrap 3

A collection of static PSD design files provided the start point for this project - to redesign and retheme the Metro Fires website.

Site content and assets were assembled into appropriate grid frameworks, picking up on default Bootstrap break points - forming the layout rules for the site. A mobile-first responsive design interpretation of the layout was worked up in collaboration with the designer.

A mobile-first, responsive design

Bootstrap components such as navbar, typography, buttons and containers were used and extended to match the required design. These component rules were applied to Drupal objects including custom blocks, view blocks, field slideshows, panels, fields and node content.

Collapsible display of retailers using accordion panels.

Mobile view of manuals page, occupying all 12 columns.

Web development services provided to Moxwai Limited.

Uhlenberg Haulage Limited

Drupal 8 site, a migration from previous Drupal 6 instance

Slideshows are a feature of the site, located prominently in the header of every page.

The design was reworked and reinterpreted with Bootstrap 3, with Bootswatch Sandstone providing an excellent start point for theme development. The distinctive apple green colour, a feature of the haulage company's fleet livery, was brought into header, button and text elements.

Bootswatch Sandstone was an excellent startpoint

Another feature is an extensive application form, with an array of fieldsets, file uploads, radio and checkbox options, which were themed with nested Bootstrap panels.

A further slideshow illustrates the history of Uhlenberg Haulage, with thumbnail navigation through the collection of images.

Web development services provided to Moxwai Limited.

Webber Building

Drupal 8 & Bootstrap 3.

Content was migrated from a former Drupal 6 site, early 2016.

The most complex content to migrate was house plan information, which required a good number of fields to store attributes such as number of rooms, floor area, as well as house plan files. These are provided so that prospective clients can select and preview house plans to suit their budget and lifestyle.

The design was reworked and reinterpreted with Bootstrap 3, with Bootswatch Slate as the start point. Additional regions were added, including a top bar to provide an enhanced view of house plan images at wide screen widths.

Web development services provided to Moxwai Limited.

Rimutaka Incline Railway

A moderately complex Drupal 7 site, with a mobile-first Omega 3 theme.

Taxonomies are used extensive to classify content by project and location. Homepage, news and project pages populate with the latest content, and tags provide links for users to navigate between related stories.

The site was migrated circa 2012 from the original Drupal 6 site. The migration involved a redesign, content porting and an extensive module mapping exercise. 

Brough Earthworks

Drupal 7 site installed and developed from Construction theme

Fully responsive, with MD Sliders, YouTube video integration, services and projects categorised with taxonomy and isotope views.

Development work included selection and adaptation of layouts, changes to information architecture and taxonomies, trouble-shooting isotope views and regions.

Web development services provided to Moxwai Limited.


Mobile-first responsive Drupal 8 migration project.

Modest site, incorporating the same brand and style elements from the former Drupal 6 site.

Drupal Bootstrap theme with a minimal number of contributed modules.

Web development services provided to Moxwai Limited.